What is the price of the designs?

The price depends on the number of parts and the complexity of your idea. We quote each project individually according to the specific data of the project.

I want a design to personalize my streaming, but I don’t have a specific idea. Can you help me?

Yes, of course. We can suggest some concepts to help you define what you need. We are always glad to answer your questions. Contact us!

Do you provide the source file for my design?

Yes, if you need it, we can supply you with the editable source file of the finished design at an additional cost, depending on the use and if you will market it.

Do you offer pre-made designs?

No, all of our designs: the badges, emoticons, Twitch banners, cartoons we make personalized them according to the client’s needs.

What payment methods do you accept?

We receive payments in US dollars, only through the Paypal platform.

How many revisions can I do?

The parties will define the number of reviews during the negotiation (it can be between 1 and 3). If the client requires more revisions than those agreed, he will have to pay an additional cost that is also approved.

Can I change everything I want in the review?

Yes, as long as the modifications are small changes related to the original idea. For example, we cannot exchange a pitbull mascot for a chihuahua; Although the two cases are about dogs, the concepts are very different.

Can I request changes after the delivery of the work?

Any changes or modifications requested by the streamer after a design has been approved and submitted will result in a new charge. This measure is because we keep the digital files in our database for two (2) months; After this time, any request we will be charged as a new design.

In addition to designing my graphics, do you upload and configure them on my platform?

No. We only take care of making the requested designs. We do not upload or configure your graphic pieces on your platform.

If I request a quote, am I obliged to buy it?

No, of course not. After you fill in the consultation data, we will send you the quote on the designs you need without any commitment or obligation for you.